Beginner’s mind

beginners mind

Can you image to see your wife with whom you have been married for 20 years as your bride, your girlfriend, somebody you just fell in love?

Would you be able to change the image of your terrible boss? to see him with different eyes? that is without your conditioned mind from the past?

Have you ever tried to eat food as it was the first time you saw it and had it? Try it with all your senses, slowly, paying attention to the texture, the smell, the colour with the curious mind of a child, of a beginner’s is a whole experience!

When we begin to train our mind with Full attention’ the brain can change according to science, we begin to develop a wider view of things, we feel more compassion towards ourselves and other people. If we go over our limited beliefs and conditionments we can even see people and things as if it was the VERY FIRST TIME, from scratch without no previous ideas.

It is the thought, the IDEA we have about that person or situation that conditions our mind. We have to come back to our early years, in childhood, exploring life again without any prejudice. How can you get that?  It is quite simple: If your mind is fully present, not lost in thoughts about the past or future, then miracles can happen, keep practising, just try it!


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