ELISABETH PRAT Mindulness Coach and Advanced Mindfulness Practitioner  by Central England College (Birmingham, England). MBCT Specialist seminar by Aemind and the University of Bangor in Madrid, Spain.

I accompany executives to REPROGRAM their minds to lead their life and  work through private sessions or small groups.

The program is based on the 2 most recognized MBSR techniques of the University of Massachusetts and MBCT of the University of Oxford where I accompany you to REPROGRAM your mind to successfully lead your life and your work.

Through this course you can become aware of your levels of stress and anxiety, lack of concentration, dispersion, conflicts with the work team, the imbalance between work and personal life, your negative thoughts and of bad time management.

The main objective of this course is the 100% practical of your mind to identify and observe your emotions, emotions and actions with guided meditation techniques where you learn to ‘create’ spaces in your mind. You will learn to focus attention in the present moment to be more effective and productive in your daily life and to let go off negative emotions and negative behaviors.

Finally we will work on the intrusive leadership techniques and the  emotional competencies of Daniel Goleman that you must develop to manage teams and manage time successfully. At the end of the course you become a happy, successful and capable executive to lead your life and your work teams.