Mindfulness for beginners

This is the universal message of every great teacher, sage and saint:

‘The kingdom of heaven is within you’

So if heaven is within us,

why human beings are suffering?

what in the world is wrong with us?

Does anybody have the secret?

Some tell you: go on a retreat, try fasting, take amino acids, you need more vitamine C, try colour therapy, take brain enzimes, take flower remedies, work of visualizations, chant a mantra, go to Tibet..and so on and on, does it sound familiar to you?

I am not enlighted and don’t have the answer but according to my experience as a Mindfulness practitioner it is possible to be in peace if you look inside of you. By putting your attention into your body, the physical sensations and the breathing you can get detached of your thoughts and emotions which are the cause of our main suffering.


Finding peace of mind

The Human condition is lost in thought

The next step of human evolution is to trascend thought. This is now an urgent task which doesn’t mean not to think anymore but simply not to be identified completely with your thoughts, be possessed by your thoughts..

Every thought pretends that it matters so much, it wants to draw your attention, so the best is not to take your thoughts too seriously.

In each human being there is a dimension of conscioussness far deeper than thought. It is the very essence of who you are, call it awareness, spirit, presence.

Listening to silence awakens the dimension of stillness within yourself. In the moment of noticing the silence around you, you are not thinking, you are aware but not thinking.

When you become aware of silence, you are PRESENT.

You can also learn from nature. Look at a tree, a plant, a rock..let your awareness rest upon it, how still they are, how deeply rooted in BEING they are. Allow NATURE to teach you stillness.