Emotional intelligence for survival


 “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Here is a great quote from Charles Darwin that makes me think of the importance of emotional and social intelligence.

All emotional competencies are learned habits, if we are deficient in one or another we can learn to do better. But those competencies will never happen without the first step, which is by ‘self-awareness‘, that it to become aware of how these habits damage us and poison our relationships. With no glimmer of what these behaviours do to us and others, we have no motive to change them. Throughout the 8- week training course of Mindfulness we can develop self-awareness.

Now the question is ‘to which extent we human beings are willing to change our old habits’?





  • To stay focussed for long periods of time with less stress
  • To reach decisions based on objectivity without reacting emotionally
  • To have better concentration and efficiency when working
  • To have a positive impact on productivity
  • To handle strong emotions more successfully
  • To accept myself and others better in order to lead teams efficiently
  • To improve health and wellbeing in your life and at work